Located in Glenmont NY, The Bioreserve is a not-for-profit biological field reserve comprised of 68 acres of old fields, forested lands, ponds, small streams, a network of trails, and a modest lab. The property is used for  education and research programs covering a wide range of topics that enhance a greater understanding of the natural systems supporting all living things. Interested parties are invited to walk the property and observe any potential the land and our lab have for the exploration of topics by inquisitive students.


Today’s students, tomorrow’s leaders and educators.

  • Supporting education and innovation through multiple resources.


Water sampling in our stream system


Triple level observation and repelling platform


Lab classes for all ages


Unique and varied environments for all education and research opportunities


Dedicated to changing the field of education

We care about the students of our area and are dedicated to their future. We have an assortment of classes designed to help educators redefine what learning means to them and their students. We have equipment and expertise to help design and create individualized programs with any goal in mind. Any educator that has a class or program that would benefit from using the Bioreserve and its equipment is encouraged to contact us with any questions or proposals.