Recreational Tree Climbing Courses


Recreational tree climbing is a unique sport that is fun and safe for the climbers and the tree. Recreational tree climbing does not use harmful techniques like boot spikes and tree staples. This course is a two part course that teaches the use of proper climbing techniques, ascending and rappelling. Part 1 of this course may be taken alone, however part one is a prerequisite for Part 2. All the gear required will be provided by the Bioreserve. Comfortable outdoor clothes and athletic shoes should be worn.

Part 1: Get fitted for and learn how to properly don your harness and ascending gear. Students will learn how to tie knots, handle ropes, and rig up ascending and rappel lines. Using our vast three tiered 45 foot tall tree platform students will put their knowledge to the test by rappelling down and ascending up the platforms full height. This is a full eight hour day with lunch being eaten on our tree platform.

Part 2: Now that the students have learned the basics of rappelling and ascending they will don their equipment again to climb one of the huge trees growing on the Bioreserve. Whether we're ascending a 120 foot Tulip tree or a great White Oak, once students leave the ground and enter the canopy a whole new world will be discovered. Out of sight of the ground students will make their way up the tree's height under the guiding hand of the Bioreserve's expert staff. The goal will be the top branches where students will view  the forest they are immersed in, the Hudson River or even the Capital buildings downtown. This is a full eight hour day with lunch being eaten at height.