Wilderness and Outdoor Survival Courses


Wilderness and Outdoor Survival Courses

Founder, Director and Lead instructor of Tamakoce Wilderness Programs, Dan Yacobellis has been working with adults, school children and at-risk teens since 1997. Tamakoce Wilderness Programs, founded in 2006, has since been mentoring children and adults in deep nature connections and understanding.


Available Programs from Tamakoce Wilderness Programs On the Bioreserve.

Immersion  wilderness awareness programs for kids ages 5-15. One day a week for 6-10 weeks from 9:00am-3:00pm. Focus on primitive fire and shelter making, edible and poisonous plants, bows, tracking, nature based games and quieting the mind.

Teen Boys Rites of Passage for boys 13-15. A program built around acknowledging the change of life that’s happening to them including the new freedoms and responsibilities that come with that. The main focus is on living with awareness and intention and making thoughtful and informed choices.

Adult and family day programs. These include workshops on tracking, fire making, bow making, edible/medicinal and poisonous plants, natural containers and the Sacredness of  Silent sitting.

Adult intensives.  This is a bi-monthly overnight program  focusing on re-connecting with ancient lifeways from fire by friction, to spiritual journeying and everything in between! All based on the kind of deep nature connection  our ancestors had for tens of thousands of years.